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Summer Fair Friday 15th July, 3.15pm on the school field – all welcome!

Venus class

Our Year R class

Welcome to Venus class. The class teacher is Mrs Susie Winchester and the teaching assistant is Miss Court. Mrs Riggs also joins us on a Monday. Ms Helen Cresswell teaches Venus class on Mondays.

Welcome back to our final term; term 6. Where has the year gone?. I hope you all enjoyed the break and it was so lovely to see the sun shining.

This term our topic is Helpful Heroes where our learning will initial be focused around different types of jobs and roles in our community and then lead into superheroes.  We will begin by looking at different jobs and roles within in community beginning with our families, our school community and then onto our wider community of Brabourne and Ashford.  We will look at a range of jobs and share our aspirations for the future. We will learn about the qualities of a hero and learn what these look like and determine who the heroes in our community are. We will learn about some famous historical heroes such as Florence Nightingale and hopefully have some visits from the emergency services where we will ask and answer questions.

Please see the topic overview below for more information but as always we endeavour to follow the interests of the children, as is the nature with the EYFS curriculum. Every Friday your child will also bring home a more detailed outline of things we have covered, or interests we have followed across the week with ideas to support their learning at home too. Please upload anything exciting your child has done to Tapestry too for them to share with their friends at Show and Tell time.

Our daily phonics sessions will continue and your child will read 1/1 throughout the week with an adult too. We will be continuing to use phase 3 sounds within our writing and working on longer polysyllabic words in phase 4 phonics.  Please do spend 5/10 minutes each day practising the sounds and/or words your child has brought home and/or looking at your child’s reading book at home with them. Please do pop a note into your child’s contact books when you have heard them read as it helps us to keep track of when your child needs their book to be changed.

This term we will also be preparing the children for the expectations of year one and making some slight adjustments to our routines to prepare for the transition.

With the ever changing weather please do ensure your child still brings clothing to cover every eventuality – light raincoats please for the inevitable home time downpour and sun hats and water bottles for the lunchtime heatwaves. If warm weather is forecast please do apply lasting sun-cream before school too.

If you have any questions I will be available at the school door each day (Tuesday-Friday)

Thank you all for your support over the last term. Here’s to an exciting and fun-filled Term 6.