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Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Adventurous Learning

On our doorstep we have the spectacular surroundings of the North Downs; the perfect backdrop for Outdoor Adventurous Learning.

This takes place once a week in each class and during this time, each class takes their learning outside. Although not a subject of the National Curriculum, we recognise the valuable role that learning outdoors has on developing happy, healthy children. Every child in school has an entitlement to high quality outdoor learning throughout the whole year.

Our pond area, field, stream and woodland area are put to great use in all seasons, so that children develop a deep appreciation for the natural world. As well as learning about the outdoor environment, our children are given opportunities to develop their wider curriculum skills in a wide range of subjects and knowledge in our beautiful grounds. All classes take part in adventurous trips throughout the school year, such as dry-slope skiing and rock climbing.

Outdoor Adventurous Learning continues the ethos of an already nurturing environment at Brabourne and provides inclusion for all children. It encourages children to develop their communication and social skills, alongside developing resilience, independence and perseverance outside of the classroom environment. Alongside traditional subjects, the children periodically engage in team building activities where they must work in pairs or groups to complete their tasks. Through working together, their self-esteem,  confidence and emotional well-being are bolstered, which can then be transferred back into school life. An integral aspects of OAL is fitness and cardiovascular activity.

At Brabourne, we have identified 6 key concepts of OAL and have developed progressive knowledge and skills across year groups. These include:

Aerial views and grids


Insects and species


Shelter building


To find out more about the OAL curriculum, please see:

Aerial Views & Grids Progression (AERIAL-VIEW-GRIDS-Sports-Giants-Outdoor-Learning-Topic-Progression.pdf)
Knots Progression (KNOTS-Sports-Giants-Outdoor-Learning-Topic-Progression.pdf)
Insects and Species Progression (INSECTS-SPECIES-Sports-Giants-Outdoor-Learning-Topic-Progression.pdf)
Maths (MATHS-Sports-Giants-Outdoor-Learning-Topic-Progression.pdf)
Shelter Building (SHELTER-BUILDING-Sports-Giants-Outdoor-Learning-Topic-Progression-1.pdf)
Sculptures (SCULPTURES-Sports-Giants-Outdoor-Learning-Topic-Progression.pdf)