Latest news:
“The whole school community feels cohesive, friendly and nurturing”
“The children are so happy and there is such a personal touch. So pleased we chose this school”
“I love the presence of the headteacher each morning and afternoon. Every teacher knows every child”
“Such a range of opportunities for all children – outdoor learning, sport, art, music, academic challenges”
“Brabourne excels in so many areas. The staff, the way the children are taught. The general feel of the school is warm and approachable”
“Every child is an individual. The children reach their potential with such supportive and encouraging teachers”
“I love the community spirit and nurturing ethos. A wonderful school”


Message from a very proud headteacher

Welcome to Brabourne

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Brabourne CEP School.  I am very proud to be leading a school where all staff are committed to providing an education that will allow every child to be the best they can be.

If there’s one characteristic that sums up our school, I would say that it’s a caring school. Because we are small, we know each other very well and look out for one another – like a big family. It also means that we can and do cater for individual needs to bring out the best in every one of our children.

We strive for academic success and are also successful in sports, arts and music. We promote our Christian values of Respect, Responsibility, Courage and Hope. The children learn about these values from the Bible and how to apply them to their daily lives.

Our logo is a conker because of the huge horse chestnut tree at the front of the school. It also reminds us of Jesus’ parable of how an insignificant seed can grow as tall as a tree, so too can a young child grow to become a confident, independent and well-rounded individual who can fulfil their potential.

Our vision is to deliver inspirational teaching within a creative curriculum with high academic standards and to build strength of character through our core Christian values.

Andrew Stapley