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The following documents are used to inform the medium term and long-term teaching from Years R-6. Termly plans for parents can be found on the individual class pages.

In addition to the school’s long term (vertical) planning, we also produce horizontal planning for each term, detailing the knowledge, skills, vocabulary, defined steps and termly outcomes for each subject.




Curriculum Key Concepts (Curriculum-Key-Concepts-3.pdf)
Year R Vertical Planning (Venus-Vertical-Planning-2021-2022-1.pdf)
Years 1-6 Vertical Planning (vertical-planning-September-2022-2.pdf)
Subject End Points (Impact) (END-POINTS-2.pdf)
EYFS to KS1 (Early-Years-to-Key-Stage-1-1.pdf)
Horizontal planning Mars Class Autumn 2022 (Horiztonal-Planning-Mars-Autumn-Term-2022.pdf)
Horizontal planning Neptune Class 2022 (Horiztonal-Planning-Neptune-AutumnTerm-2022.pdf)
Horizontal planning Jupiter Class 2022 (Horiztonal-Planning-Jupiter-Autumn-Term-2022.pdf)