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Enquiry Learning

Our curriculum is designed to promote a love of learning, an enquiring mind and allow pupils to gain a deep understanding of the world around them.

Our enquiry-based curriculum provides learners with Key Questions (KQ), within each unit of study, which challenge their thinking over a lesson, a term or longer.

Learners are guided, and encouraged to explore for themselves, the answers to a Key Question. Over time, they will do this by producing pieces of work, such as a piece of writing, a performance or an animation as an outcome. They are encouraged to record the evolution in their knowledge and understanding and to articulate it verbally to those who ask them. They are encouraged to learn through doing and find out answers for themselves. They are encouraged to learn through exploration and take risks in their learning.

Binding our topics together are Curriculum Key Concepts, which run in parallel across all classes. These ‘umbrella concepts’ link our topics together, allowing pupils to gain a wider conceptual knowledge of the world around them, make links across topics and build upon the conceptual knowledge learnt previously. As pupil knowledge develops over time, they are supported to connect with the world around them: from themselves to their environment, to their community, to their country and outwards globally.