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Early Years Foundation Stage


The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) refers to children’s education between birth and the age of 5 years. At Brabourne School our EYFS is made up of one reception class of 15 pupils, class teacher and teaching assistant and is known as Venus class.

Children are warmly welcomed into Brabourne School from the very first time they step inside. They are quickly recognised as a unique individual and, from enrolment, they instantly form part of our community and school team. Our EYFS team make visits to each child’s pre-school setting and meet with parents prior to children beginning school. From information shared here, our EYFS team recognises and considers each child’s prior learning and life experiences and builds upon this by facilitating learning opportunities which are engaging, exciting, develop perseverance, promote resilience and enable children to become independent, life-long and enthusiastic learners. Diversity is celebrated and our values of courage, hope, respect and responsibility are promoted with even our youngest class of learners, to form a nurturing and caring ethos across the school, from the beginning. Children’s understanding is carefully planned for, and assessed, via the Reception Baseline Assessment (RBA) upon entry, to take into account their staring points; from this, opportunities to learn are underpinned by the teaching of skills, knowledge, concepts and values. Some of which will be through adult input for the whole class, small group or even individual and some of which will be via enhancements and opportunities facilitated for in the reception classroom and outdoor area. We understand that starting school is an enormous milestone and therefore endeavour to make sure that the memories children hold of starting school at Brabourne are happy, positive and ones to cherish.

We intend:

  • To provide a wide and varied curriculum in line with the EYFS framework that offers exciting and engaging learning opportunities for all.
  • To provide a learning environment that evolves to meet and support the needs of all learners and enable them to achieve their potential and maximise their opportunities to reach each Early Learning Goal.
  • To develop a strong sense of well-being and self-regulation to enable each child to become a happy, confident and independent learner who is ready to transition and rise to the challenges expected in the year 1 curriculum.

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