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A Church School

Following the teachings of Jesus

A Church School

St Mary the Virgin, Brabourne is our local church. We regularly hold services there for Harvest, Christmas, Easter and Leavers. Our vicar is Reverend Chris Denyer.

As well as holding celebratory services there, we also try to make use of all the learning potential, especially historical, that is offered and to forge closer community links.

Our school has four core Christian values:


One of our values is about how we treat each other.  You can show you care for others and give people respect by: • listening actively to what they say • showing respect for differences and opinions • being honest • respecting confidentiality • taking an active stance against bullying and discrimination

‘In everything do to others as you would have them do to you: for this is the Law and the Prophets’ (Matthew 7:12)



We acknowledge our responsibilities and acknowledge the responsibilities of others by: • being honest • respecting confidentiality • including everyone at the earliest stage possible in the decision making process • subscribing to the school’s vision and the part we play in realising that vision • being excellent role models

‘So then each one of us will give an account of ourself to God’ (Romans 14:12)



Hope is the feeling that things will turn out for the best. It is consistently looking forward to that positive outcome to something planned in our life. It is the belief that things will get better. It is the belief of surmounting things that are unclear or unknown. It is a belief in a better tomorrow.

‘For in this hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience’ (Romans 8.24)



Courage is the ability to do something difficult even when there’s risk. Courageous people do and say what they think is right despite opposition. The ability to do something brave out of a motivation of the heart.

‘Wait for the Lord, be strong & take heart and wait for the Lord’ (Psalm 27.14)



Church services & Collective Worship


Christmas Church service led by Neptune Class

Singing our school prayer in collective worship

Year 5/6 hymn in Church


Parish of Stour Downs YouTube

St Mary church, Brabourne