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Ofsted inspection

Office for Standards in Education

Ofsted Inspection

The school was last inspected in June 2018. The full report can be found below:

“You are passionately committed to ensuring that every pupil has something they can be proud of and fantastic in. This vision drives the ethos of the school and creates a happy, harmonious place where pupils thrive”.

“Parents appreciate the caring nature of the school and high levels of commitment to pupils and their families. One parent, succinctly summing up the views of many, described the school as ‘a total treasure’”.

“Pupils love their school. They know that their voice is valued and that they are carefully listened to if they have any worries”.

“Great care is taken to support pupils in every aspect of their lives, both in and out of the school. Consequently, they flourish and love coming to the school”.

“Pupils are self-assured, articulate and happy. They actively contribute to the wider life of the school by being corridor monitors or running assemblies. In this way, they are prepared to move confidently to the next stage of their education”.

“Teachers’ expectations and pupils’ standards are high in reading, writing and mathematics. Pupils attain well, both in relation to the age-related expectations and to the higher standards”.

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