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Continuous Provision

At Brabourne School, we value every child’s development, not just academically, but emotionally, physically and socially.

We believe that transitioning from EYFS to KS1 is a big milestone, particularly to Year 1 and within a mixed year group.  We are passionate about Continuous Provision in EYFS and KS1, where children can consolidate and apply their skills and knowledge throughout all areas of the curriculum, take ownership of their learning and become more independent and resilient.  

In a classroom which engages with learning through continuous provision, both the teacher and the environment enable learning as co-constructors with the pupils. This pedagogic approach draws on Vygotsky’s theories of social constructivism through collaborative work and the use of the ‘More Knowledgeable Other’ to move learning through zones of development. Or as Bruner and Bloom might suggest taking the procedural skills taught directly by the teacher and consolidating them by applying the concept in a range of contexts to develop Mastery. This is most effectively enacted through what used to be termed ‘carousels’ of tasks, each task structured by the teacher to enable the pupil to work at their individual pace whilst learning from each other. The practice and consolidation of concepts helps pupils to embed the learning as the effort of learning is a personal one.

Within this environment, pupils are taught skills such as self-regulation, perseverance, self- efficacy and responsibility, as well as developing mastery over the concepts they are currently studying. The teacher’s role as co-constructor is to ensure that the tasks and activities have a clear learning purpose, provide sufficient challenge, offer problems to be solved and encourage automaticity through the range of applications. 

Throughout EYFS and KS1 at Brabourne, you will see happy and engaged children, with teachers and support staff encouraging a life-long love of learning.

Continuous Provision in KS1 at Brabourne (Play-based-and-Independent-Learning-through-CP-in-EYFS-to-KS1-September-1KP-3.pdf)
Continuous Provision Workshop for Parents (Continuous-Provision-Workshop-for-Parents.pptx)