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Continuous Provision

At Brabourne School, we value every child’s development, not just academically, but emotionally, physically and socially.

We believe that transitioning from EYFS to KS1 is a big milestone, particularly to Year 1 and within a mixed year group.  We, therefore, feel passionate about play-based / independent learning, within a Continuous Provision environment, where children get the opportunity to be an artist, writer, builder, architect, designer or mathematician, to name but a few!   During this play-based / independent learning time, children can consolidate their skills and knowledge in all areas of the curriculum and take ownership of their learning, becoming more independent and resilient.  Throughout EYFS and KS1, you will see happy and engaged children, with teachers and support staff encouraging a life-long love of learning.


Continuous Provision in KS1 at Brabourne (Play-based-and-Independent-Learning-through-CP-in-EYFS-to-KS1-September-1KP-3.pdf)
Continuous Provision Workshop for Parents (Continuous-Provision-Workshop-for-Parents.pptx)