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Find out about the staff and some of their favourite things

Mrs Laura Barnes

Teacher in Neptune Class

Favourite habitat: A boreal forest.
Favourite animal: A red fox. I love how they always seem to be smiling.
Favourite feeling: The warm sun on your face after a long, cold winter.

Mrs Kate Burnett

teacher in Neptune Class

Favourite film: Star Wars

 Favourite pass time: walking my dog Ronald in the woods

Favourite activity : rock climbing

Miss Leanne Court

TA in Venus class

Favourite film: Home Alone 2 Lost In New York

Favourite food: Wagamama

Favourite holiday: Isle of Man TT races and exploring the lovely countryside out there on the back of a motor bike

Mrs Siân Jowett

TA in Mars Class
Favourite thing to do: In my spare time I like to read or build Lego sets! Harry Potter books and Lego sets are my favourite!
Favourite animal: Elephants. They are incredibly intelligent and sensitive animals.
Favourite place: Anglesey in Wales. I have spent a lot of time in Anglesey. The windy walks along the beaches are the best.

Miss Hannah Cook

TA in Jupiter class
Hobbies: Spending time exploring the countryside with my horse
Favourite Holiday: Spending time in Wales with my family where I climbed Snowdon as well as going on the zip line through a quarry
Favourite Food: Wagamamas

Mrs Susie Winchester

teacher in Venus class

Animal: Giraffes because being so tall they can see lots of things without having to go far

TV show: Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Take Away but we usually end up watching Peppa Pig these days.

Football Team:Tottenham because I’m from a big Spurs supporting family.

Mrs Natasha Miller

teacher in Mars class

Favourite film: My favourite films are the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  I just love the imagination of J.R. Tolkien, particularly his creation of middle earth and the different genres of characters.  My favourite character is Arwen the She-Elf.

Favourite music: listening to the Schindler’s List theme tune makes my hairs stand up on the back of my neck; a beautiful piece of music.

Favourite activity:   I absolutely love my weekends with my family; especially Saturday nights watching Strictly Come Dancing with the fire on knowing when its finished it will be Christmas!

Mrs Katie Vasu

TA in Jupiter class

Film: Any of the Harry Potter films. They remind me of the years they came out, of Christmas, and of the excitement that surrounded the release of each one. More importantly, they now keep my children quiet for almost 3 hours at a time.

Place: Anywhere by the sea. Preferably somewhere with white, sandy beaches, but Hythe will do.

Pastime: My favourite, and yet sometimes least favourite pastime is running. I love that it’s the one thing I do by myself, I enjoy the challenge, and it’s the one sport I have achieved something in, by finishing the 2015 London Marathon in 4 hours and 21 minutes. Just please don’t ask me to sprint….

Mr Andrew Stapley


Place: Rocky Mountains, Canada

Food: Thai

Quote: We all smile in the same language

Mrs Natasha Sparkes

TA in Mars/Jupiter class

Food: As a treat my favourite food is Ben & Jerrys ice cream! Anything with caramel in it. I have a bit of a sweet tooth.

Place: At the weekends when the weather is nice you’ll find me at the beach looking for shells and ‘treasure’ with my daughter. We love the sea and would like to live closer to it one day.

Pet: We have recently got 2 kittens – Monty and Rafferty – they are grey and very soft and cute and keep us on our toes at home. They follow us everywhere.

Mr Harry Nunn

Sports coach

To follow…

Miss Deborah Unsworth

Assistant headteacher, teacher in Jupiter Class

Favourite books: Thrillers and cook books

Hobbies: Riding my bike along the coast

Favourite movie: The Holiday

Favourite interests: Cars and football

Mrs Dawn Riggs

TA in Neptune/Venus Class

Animal: Orangutan – we both have wild hair and are flexible.

Place: Borneo – a place of true wildness.

Quote: Life always gives you a second chance. It’s called tomorrow.

Ms Helen Cresswell

additional teacher

Film: The Time Machine (1960 film) (I would love to have a time machine and visit the near past 100 years ago / the future 100 years from now). The original version of HG Wells novel is by far the best.

Animal: Black cat (my black cat is called Felix).

Meal: Lasagna (any Italian food).

Mrs Rebecca Simmonds


To follow…

Mr Richard Dray

specialist music teacher

Hero: Leonard Cohen

Place: small town in Powys, North Wales

Past time: restoring my vintage Land Rover which I have completely had to rebuild.

Mrs Kerry Parry

office manager

Favourite hobby – currently knitting but anything creative!

Meal: Italian, especially gelato!

Book: crime/thrillers

Mr Colin Walker

Caretaker/Football coach

Favourite sport : football!

Favourite hobby: nature and walking my dog

Favourite film: any comedy film