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“The whole school community feels cohesive, friendly and nurturing”
“The children are so happy and there is such a personal touch. So pleased we chose this school”
“I love the presence of the headteacher each morning and afternoon. Every teacher knows every child”
“Such a range of opportunities for all children – outdoor learning, sport, art, music, academic challenges”
“Brabourne excels in so many areas. The staff, the way the children are taught. The general feel of the school is warm and approachable”
“Every child is an individual. The children reach their potential with such supportive and encouraging teachers”
“I love the community spirit and nurturing ethos. A wonderful school”

ECO team

Brabourne now has its own Eco team! Gemma, Sasha, Eli and Sam in Year 5 took on their first task by attending an ECO forum chaired by Madame Mayor of Ashford. They debated environmental issues at the Ashford County Council Chamber with other children from the CARE Foundation Trust and have a plan to make Brabourne even greener! They are supported by Dom and Alex who are litter monitors for the school and also the girls in Year 4 who are organising a day of fundraising to purchase a piece of rainforest to protect it against deforestation. The ECO team have lots of ideas for next year including:

Encouraging more wildlife and protecting rare species

Improving the school’s recycling

Helping global environmental issues

Saving energy


Thank you to Kate for designing this Save the Rainforest Flyer and Brooke for organising the sweets in a jar.