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Neptune class

Our Year 3 and 4 class

This is our Y3/4 class. The class teacher is Mr Colin Taylor and the teaching assistant is Mrs Vasu.

This term we are continuing our topic which has not been studied before at the school. The topic is linked to the Vikings and trade. We will be studying early Islamic civilisation, examining the trade routes with Western Europe such as with the Vikings, traditional stories, everyday life in Baghdad as well as comparing the Middle East with Western Europe as the two areas developed.

In English, the topic will be extended further with the children writing a story in the style of the legendary queen Scheherazade, who told the tales of 1001 Arabian Nights. We will also be writing reports about the ancient city of Baghdad as well as instructions on how to make certain meals from the Middle East and adverts for the bowls we made in Art. In Maths, the class will be focused on learning about the four core operations extending their knowledge further from last term. As the term progresses, we will use the strategies learnt so far to solve problems and mathematical investigations.

During RE, the class will be using the new curriculum’s questions to examine their learning and access a deeper understanding of the topic. The question this term will be why do Christians call the day Jesus dies ‘Good Friday?’ During this term the children will investigate this question to deepen the children’s understanding of Easter. In PE, outdoor games will be led by Mr Taylor with an outside coach around competitive games. Outdoor learning will continue with the class problem solving and working as a team whilst indoor PE will be led by Mr Taylor.