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Neptune class

Our Year 3 and 4 class

Welcome to Neptune class. The class teacher is Mr Colin Taylor and the teaching assistants are Mrs Riggs and Mrs Sparkes.

This term we will be studying the topic Hard Times. This will look at rivers and coastlines as well as British history such as World War 1.

In English, the topic will be extended further with the class writing a narrative text using the books Warhorse or My Story as inspiration. The topic of World War 1 will be debated using a wide range of texts by different authors such as Michael Morpurgo. The class will research how European countries were different in 1914 as well as their Empires. The topic will go onto to look at the home front.

During RE, the class will be using the new curriculum’s questions to examine their learning and access a deeper understanding of the topic. This term the children will study the Sikh faith and gain a better understanding of that religion. In PE, outdoor games will be led by Mr Taylor around competitive games. Outdoor learning will focus on team work and problem solving, whilst indoor PE will be led by Mr Taylor.