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Neptune class

Our Year 3 and 4 class

This is our Y3/4 class. The class teacher is Mr Colin Taylor and the teaching assistants are Mrs Sparkes  and Mrs Vasu. This term we are continuing to study Ancient Egypt as part of the Power Topic. The class will learn why mummification was developed to preserve bodies and the mummification process. The class will learn about the purpose of the pyramids as well as make 3-D models of items found in pyramids or other tombs. In English, the topic will be extended further with the children writing a set of instructions on how to make a mummy as well as write their own fable based on the current Topic. In Maths, the class will be focused on addition and subtraction thus securing this aspect of their learning fully. As the term progresses we will move onto multiplication and division ensuring that problem solving is involved in every lesson. In science lessons, the children will learn about rocks and solids. We will examine how to classify different types of rock as well as investigate volcanoes. During RE , the class will learn about why pilgrimages are important to people of faith.  PE is being led by the new coach this term, and the class will be having competitive games  and gymnastic sessions each week. Outdoor learning will continue with the class using their skills from Maths to solve problems or build different objects.